Watch it

“Amazing Race: Unfinished Business” (8 p.m., CBS). The teams travel to China, and Ron throws a rock at a bus. Awesome.

“Chopped All-Stars” (9 p.m., Food Network). This could be the best lineup of the five-week competition, as Food Network chefs Anne Burrell, Claire Robinson, Duff Goldman and Robert Irvine square off. Should be a lot of fun.

Record it

“America’s Next Great Restaurant” (8 p.m., NBC). Last week’s premiere was pretty entertaining. Seems like the most annoying people got eliminated, and I’d even eat at a couple of the potential restaurants. Tonight the 10 remaining contestants have to come up with a logo and hire a head chef, then feed thousands of people at Universal Studios.

“Brick City” (8 p.m., Sundance). In the season finale, Mayor Booker easily wins re-election, but now faces a mountain of fiscal problems.

Sports of the day

NCAA Tournament Selection Show (3 p.m., CBS). Get ready to fill out your brackets, the 68-team field is announced. There are a handful of conference championship games (Big 10, ACC, SEC, Atlantic 10) earlier in the day, but they’re kinda anti-climactic compared to this.

“Fab Five” (6 p.m., ESPN). A new documentary from the producers of the “30 for 30” series that looks back at the Michigan basketball team of the early 1990s that started five freshmen, reached two consecutive NCAA championships and ended the nut-huggers era once and for all..

“Runnin Rebels of UNLV” (10:30 p.m., HBO2). This aired last night, but if you missed it, end Selection Sunday with a documentary look back at the bad boys of college basketball in the 1980s and 90s. Man, I loved those teams. Stacey Augmon, Larry Johnson, Anderson Hunt . . . those were fun games to watch.

Skip it

“Taking on Tyson” (7 p.m., Animal Planet). I tried watching this last week, but I realized I was nowhere near bored enough to spend an hour watching pigeon racing.

“Celebrity Apprentice” (9 p.m., NBC). The celebs have to write a children’s book and read it to kids. Actually, it might be worth watching Gary Busey’s contribution: “Xerxes the Monkey God Who Walked as Man and His Fantastic Peyote-Flavored Aura.” (Spoiler alert: Busey’s a weird dude.)

“After Lately” (11 p.m., E). I forgot about last week’s season premiere of this series that’s kinda a spoof of what goes on behind the scenes of “Chelsea Lately.” But I caught a repeat later in the week and realized I missed nothing. It’s pretty awful, nowhere near as funny as the late-night show.

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