Can’t believe I missed the series premiere of TLC’s new cooking competition show, “Kick Off Cook Off” last night. Thankfully, there’s YouTube to show what I (and probably you) missed. Which would be an amateur chef gagging and barfing after sampling her dish.

I can relate, so much of TLC’s programming makes me want to throw up too. But wow, there’s so much unintentional comedy in this: host Erin Andrews not daring to try it (she goes for the safer potatoes); judge Brian Malarkey (of “Top Chef” fame) saying it’s not that bad; former NFL-ers Ronde and Tiki Barber snickering as the contestant hurls; and her partner, who sums it all up: “What are you gonna do?”

Um, not make vomit-inducing food?

BTW, the copy editor in me wants to correct the title. If you want to spell it right, it should be “Kickoff Cook-off.”

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