Watch it

“Law & Order: UK” (9 p.m., BBC America). A London cop is killed, and the detectives discover a disturbing twist to the case.

Record it

Tina Fey: The Mark Twain Prize (9 p.m. PBS). The “SNL” veteran and “30 Rock” star is honored for her comedy work. Expect an all-star lineup and plenty of highlight clips, but not the pointed Sarah Palin jokes she cracked in her acceptance speech. Those were inexplicably edited out for — cough cough — “time purposes.”

Skip it

“Dateline” (9 p.m., NBC). A special hourlong interview with Prince Charles as he prattles on about royal marriages and such. Um, didn’t we have a revolution so we didn’t have to listen to the royal family?

“Harmony” (10 p.m., NBC). An eco special about Prince Charles’ efforts to stop global warming. Once again, revolution in 1775 = me not caring what the royal family says. U-S-A! U-S-A! Besides, Al Gore already told us this stuff years ago.