Watch it

“Being Human” (9 p.m., BBC America). Annie hooks up with a bogus psychic to try to actually help ghosts relieve their issues with the living, but things get complicated when her mom shows up seeking closure. Meanwhile, the Mitchell-Lucy relationship gets even more complicated and tragic. You know, forget “True Blood,” this is by far the best supernatural series on TV.

Skip it

49ers vs. Raiders (9 p.m., KICU [Ch. 6 or 36] and KBCW [Ch. 12 or 44]). The only thing lamer than exhibition football is tape-delayed exhibition football. I know fans will want to watch for local bragging rights, but come on, don’t reward the idiots for not broadcasting this live (I’m assuming it’s delayed because it’s not a sellout and the stupid NFL blackout rules apply even to exhibition games). If you care that much, catch it live on the radio at 6 p.m.