Another night of crickets and tumbleweeds. Enjoy the break, new shows start debuting next week.

Watch it

NBA playoffs: Lakers vs. Suns (6 p.m., TNT). The Suns have evened the Western finals at two games apiece; can Kobe and Gasol get the Lakers back on track in tonight’s Game 5 from L.A.? (I say yes, unfortunately.)

Cool, but. . . .

“Rescue Dawn” (9 p.m., KRON). It’s a terrific movie and Christian Bale and Steve Zahn are amazing, but if it’s edited for TV, it’ll probably be sucky. Go rent the DVD instead.

Skip it

“FlashForward” (8 p.m., ABC). It’s the season finale, which was filmed before it was canceled. Meaning there won’t be a satisfying resolution to the blackout. Ehhh, I stopped caring long ago.