Grrrr, no “Amazing Race” tonight.

Watch it

“The Simpsons” (8 p.m., Fox). Homer is sentenced to community service and becomes friends with Chief Wiggum.

“The Pacific” (9 p.m., HBO). The Marines on Peleliu have to cross an airfield under withering fire. Yikes.

“Breaking Bad” (10 p.m., AMC). Gus tries to get Walt back in the meth-making business, but Walt’s relationship with his partner Jesse is almost as bad as his crumbling relationship with his wife.

Record it

“Life” (8 and 9 p.m., Discovery). The final two segments of the series. The first episode is on plants (wow, with Oprah narrating? Zzzzzzzzz), the second is on primates.

“The Making of ‘Life'” (10 p.m., Discovery). Seeing how the cameramen got those shots might be more interesting than the series itself.

“Chefs vs. City” (10 p.m., Food Network). Season premiere. Chris Cosentino and Aaron Sanchez are back for another season of food challenges against local chefs. Tonight they’re in Miami.

“Treme” (10 p.m., HBO). DJ Davis finds himself looking for a new job, Antoine sucks it up and gets a gig playing for tourists, and LaDonna gets some good news about her brother.

Skip it

“Academy of Country Music Awards” (8 p.m., CBS). Ugh.