Tech TV – On The Road

A few weeks ago when I reviewed the Google Chromecast I believed I found the perfect device for watching streaming media (TV and Movies) while vacationing.  I still think the Chromecast is great, however it won’t be in my bag when I head south for a week in Anaheim later [...]

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My Picks January 20 – 26

TV is back in full swing, and I couldn't be happier; it seems like there are several really great shows this season, and I have yet to find myself digging hard for something to watch.  Of course, this can be a problem because I like to check out obscure programs [...]

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Sherlock On PBS

http://youtu.be/9UcR9iKArd0 Sherlock is back this Sunday on PBS.  If you've had the opportunity to see this extremely well made series then my guess is your heart just skipped a beat.  I’m not using hyperbole here, it’s that good! Unlike many UK crime dramas, which tend to be deliberately paced, Sherlock [...]

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Binge watch alert: Scandinavian ‘The Bridge’ on Hulu

  Fans of the recent high quality output in television shows from Scandinavia should take note that Bron, the original Swedish-Danish production that was remade into The Bridge on FX, has now been made available for streaming on Hulu. Sofia Helin and Kim Bodina play Swedish detective Saga Noren and [...]

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Morse prequel a superior ‘Endeavour’

The old Netflix suggestion algorithm worked its magic over the weekend as it threw up Endeavour, the Inspector Morse prequel staring Shaun Evans as the top suggestion. I approached the show with some wariness, as I’m not the most unabashed fan of the original production. Don’t get me wrong, Inspector [...]

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Watching Doctor Who

The now traditional Christmas Doctor Who show brought Matt Smith’s reign as the 11th Doctor to a close wrapping up a number of previous plot points and introducing Peter Capaldi as the next version of the character. I’m somewhat in the minority when it comes to this most recent vintage [...]

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‘Zen’ and the art of fine drama

Charisma and presence are hard to define.  So too is the chemistry between actors; it’s one of those things that you know when you see it. I mention this because I happened to watch the BBC show Zen over the past couple of days. On reflection, if ever I was [...]

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Comedy Double Feature

This Saturday local PBS Member Station KQED will be showing two of my favorite comedies back-to-back; Some Like it Hot at 8:00 PM and The Birdcage at 10:03 PM. Some Like it Hot (1959) is brilliantly directed by Billy Wilder and equally as well acted by Tony Curtis and Jack [...]

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‘Injustice’ is an excellent five-part drama

James Purefoy recently played the villain Dr. Joe Carroll in the Fox show The Following. I wasn’t impressed; as Purefoy showed little of the extreme charisma required for such a role as a professor turned serial killer who inspires an entire cult. I never once bought the idea that his [...]

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TV Is Back!

I'm still on my holiday break but thought it would be worthwhile to share some important info; many of our favorite network TV programs return this week, check out the schedule below. Thursday Community NBC 8:00 PM & 8:30 PM The Taste ABC 8:00 PM The Big Bang Theory CBS [...]

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A TV Scoop Christmas

I was in my car yesterday, heading east toward Montgomery Village and listening to some classic Christmas songs on Pandora when “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” came on.  “Yeah, right” I thought; if it’s really that great why do so many people seem unhappy?  Heck, I went [...]

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Ho Ho Ho! Get The Google Chromecast!

I bought my Google Chromecast the day it hit stores figuring at $35 it could be a really nifty little gadget that's easier to take to a friend’s or on vacation than other media streamers.  I received the device, unboxed and plugged it into my TV without incident (make sure [...]

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