House of Cards worth the slog

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are superb in an uneven second season of House of Cards which ultimately succeeds despite occasionally dragging.

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My Picks February 17 – 23

After a somewhat boring Super Bowl XLVIII where the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks destroyed Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos, a trip south for a week at Disneyland, one heck of a bumpy flight home and a battle with the mother-of-all-coughs I am finally back to write about my picks [...]

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Chris Carter returns to television with The After

It’s been a week since I watched The After, the new Chris Carter pilot for Amazon Prime and I’m still trying to get my head around whether I liked the show or not. Carter, best known for creating The X-Files, has been absent from television since that show went off [...]

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Bosch is a pleasant surprise

Original shows are now the name of the game for services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and Netflix with the latter about to release the second season of a House of Cards on Friday. However this past Thursday Amazon stole something of a march on their rival when they [...]

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House of Cards: Time to watch the original

The second season of the US version of a House of Cards will premiere on Friday when Netflix makes available the 13 episodes for streaming. As good as the first season was, and it was quite excellent, if you haven’t watched the original UK version then I urge you to [...]

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Throwback Thursday A Touch of Frost

Fans of the show A Touch of Frost, which was once on the A&E channel, will be pleased to hear that all 15 seasons are available on Netflix. In 1992 David Jason was known as a comic actor, revered in the UK for first his role as Granville in the [...]

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The Body Farm is now available via Hulu streaming

The Body Farm was a six-episode spin-off from the highly successful BBC cold case drama Waking the Dead. Originally shown on the BBC back in 2011, the show is now available on Hulu. Tara Fitzgerald plays forensic pathologist Doctor Eve Lockart, a character that originally appeared in Waking the Dead [...]

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The Bridge – Scandinavian original is superb

I am, it has to be said, having difficulty coming up with the words to describe the original Scandinavian version of The Bridge after completing the 10 episodes of Season One available on Hulu and Hulu Plus. Complete and utter brilliance and very, very European is about the best I [...]

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Tech TV In The Air

Last week I shared with you some pretty detailed info on watching downloaded and streamed media in your hotel room.  Today I’m going to add my two cents about watching video on an airplane. The good news is the first part, the video itself, is pretty easy.  My guess is [...]

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My Picks January 27 – February 2

There’s only one thing on TV in the next seven days that really matters to me, and that’s the Super Bowl.  What’s annoying me a bit right now is I planned a vacation late last year and never thought about the date of the Super Bowl so now I will [...]

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Throwback Thursday Tra La La La La La La

Tra la la la la la la. Recognize that? If you grew up in the seventies or early eighties it is likely you will remember those silly words as part of the theme song for The Banana Splits and Friends Show.

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Watch This Weekend

I remember being nineteen years old, I was attending community college and working, had a decent car, lots of friends and didn't have too much trouble finding dates; it would have never occurred to me there would be a time in my future that I would look forward to staying [...]

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