Fans of the recent high quality output in television shows from Scandinavia should take note that Bron, the original Swedish-Danish production that was remade into The Bridge on FX, has now been made available for streaming on Hulu.

Sofia Helin and Kim Bodina play Swedish detective Saga Noren and Danish investigator Martin Rohde respectively as the two are forced to work together following the discovery of a body in the middle of the Oresund Bridge that connects the city of Malmo in Sweden with the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

While the FX version of the show was generally well received, Bron was highly praised in Europe attracting excellent ratings in a number of countries.

The first two episodes of the season are via the free Hulu service with the final eight of the first season on Hulu Plus. No word yet on the second season which has been shown in Europe, but I remain hopeful that we will see that on our shores soon. I’ll have a review of the show in the next few days.

Ready… Set… Binge…


– Wallace Poulter



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