It seems like the fall TV schedule just got going and yet we are already at the point where many popular shows are either entering a brief hiatus or ending their seasons altogether. This period is somewhat less bleak for the TV obsessed than those dark days filled with summer reruns, but it is nonetheless an inconvenience; thankfully I did the smart thing and saved Arrow on my DVR so I will have something to watch during this break in programming, and there is always Netflix, Hulu and the other streaming services. The following is a list of shows that are either ending for the year, or for the season. Catch them while you can.


Arrow (8:00 PM CW) fall finale

Criminal Minds (9:00 PM CBS) fall finale

Tomorrow People (9:00 PM CW) fall finale

CSI (10:00 PM CBS) fall finale

South Park (10:00 PM COM) season finale

Key & Peele (10:30 PM COM) season finale


Once Upon A Time in Wonderland (8:00 PM ABC) fall finale

The Vampire Diaries (8:00 PM CW) fall finale

The Big Bang Theory (8:00 PM CBS) fall finale

The Millers (8:30 PM CBS) fall finale

Reign (9:00 PM CW) fall finale

Grey’s Anatomy (9:00 PM ABC) fall finale

The Crazy Ones (9:00 PM CBS) fall finale

Two and a Half Men (9:30 PM CBS) fall finale

Scandal (10:00 PM ABC) fall finale

Elementary (10:00 PM CBS) fall finale


Haven (10:00 PM SYFY) season finale


Survivor (8:00 PM CBS) season finale

Homeland (9:00 PM SHO) season finale

Masters of Sex (10:00 PM SHO) season finale

Check back later in the week for my top five Christmas episodes available for streaming.

– John Morton

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