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Premieres & My Picks September 16 – 22

This week will be quite a bit busier as several new and returning programs are premiering; also we finally bid farewell to a popular series. Monday 9/16 8:00 PM – Bones (Fox), Dancing with the Stars (ABC) 9:00 PM – Sleepy Hollow (Fox) Tuesday 9/17 8:00 PM – Dads (Fox) 8:30 PM – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox) 9:00 PM – The New Girl (Fox) 9:30 PM – The Mindy Project (Fox) Wednesday 9/18 8:00 PM – Survivor: Blood vs. Water (CBS)… Read More »

Watch this (week of May 12)

The must-see event of the week: “The Office” wraps up after nine seasons with a retrospective and supersized episode.  Here are some other highlights for the week: SUNDAY A winner will be picked on “Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs.  Favorites” (8 p.m., CBS). Following is the traditional reunion special, where Jeff spends about a minute interviewing earlier rejects we’ve long since forgotten about, and the rest of the time talking to or about the final three. Emily reconsiders her quest… Read More »

CBS renews 18 shows

This is the time of year when many series start signing off for the season, with fans not knowing if it will be their last, as the networks prepare for upfronts in mid-May, when new fall schedules are unveiled. Today, fans of CBS shows got a preview of what the network’s fall schedule will be like when CBS announced the renewal of 18  primetime series. Renewed shows include newsmagazines “48 Hours” and “60 Minutes”; reality shows “The Amazing Race,” “Survivor”… Read More »

Watch this (week of Feb. 10)

SUNDAY “The Grammys” (8 p.m., CBS): LL Cool J hosts, with performances by Fun, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Elton John and others. Almost as important: What will they be wearing? (Apparently, nothing too risqué: The network requested stars not expose too much skin at the ceremony.) Ah, family reunions. The love. The tears. The fights to the death.  When “The Walking Dead” (9 p.m., AMC) left off, the Governor was forcing  brothers Daryl and Merle to battle each other.… Read More »

Coming soon: ‘Community’ (and other favorites)

With the seasonal TV slowdown, I thought rather than highlight what’s on this week, I’d let you know when a few of your favorites are returning next month. Dates are subject to change, and I’m sure I’ve left some shows out. But either way, it’s a great time to unclog your DVR to make room for a busy new year: January 4 “Merlin” (10 p.m., Syfy) returns for its fifth and final season. January 6 Jillian is back as season… Read More »

What’s going; what’s staying

This week, CBS announced the renewal of a slate of shows, including rookies “Person of Interest” and “2 Broke Girls.” Other shows returning next year (most of them no-brainers) include “Survivor,” “The Good Wife,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “The Amazing Race,” “Undercover Boss,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “Criminal Minds,” “NCIS” and its offshoot, “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “Blue Bloods,” “The Mentalist,” “Mike & Molly,” and  the original “CSI.” No word yet on its spinoffs. HBO canceled its racetrack… Read More »

Battle of the shows, round 1

Click the remote control a couple of times, and you’re likely to land on yet another show about doctors, lawyers or cops. (It’s even money that any time of day that you turn on the TV, you’ll be able to find an episode from the “CSI” and “Law and Order” franchises alone.) Forget flattery… for networks, imitation is often the surest way to make money. Not that it always goes well. (Anyone remember Rob Lowe’s legal drama “Lyon’s Den”? How… Read More »

Watch this (week of Feb. 12)

Not every day is represented this week, so take some time to unclog that DVR.  SUNDAY The big event tonight will be “The Grammy Awards” (8 p.m., CBS). The show is pulling together a last-minute tribute to one of their own, Whitney Houston, who died Saturday. Other anticipated big moments: Adele will perform for the first time since having vocal cord surgery. If you’re less into music and more into zombies, AMC’s critically acclaimed “The Walking Dead” returns tonight. Based… Read More »

Shows to savor

TV and food…two things I love. So naturally, I sometimes think in ways that combine the two. Here’s a sampling of what’s on my TV menu these days. Appetizers: These shows aren’t the main course, but rather something you can watch when you don’t want something too heavy. Maybe you want to pass the time before the kids go to sleep, or while the pasta for dinner is boiling, or between errands while pairing up the socks in the laundry… Read More »

X Factor Surprises

OMG! Must See The X Factor:  New Simon Cowell show continues tonight with hopefully even more great talent.  Last week, in amongst the worst singers and dancers to ever grace a stage, there were some absolutely amazing singers varying in age from 13 to 50.  This show is worth your time, but do yourself a favor and record it so you can zip through the painful singers and some of the annoying commercials. Modern Family:  It’s hard to watch this… Read More »

Do You Have the X Factor?

OMG! Must See Hopefully you have all of your chores finished because tonight is a great TV night. The X Factor:  Season Premiere tonight on FOX.  I missed Simon Cowell’s hard hitting wit during last season’s American Idol.  Without him, the AI judges were too soft, too complimentary, and far too dishonest.  In tonight’s X Factor, I want to see great (or not so great) talent paired with an abundance of insightful and honest feedback.  What exactly is The X… Read More »

Survivors Ready?

OMG!  Must See Survivor: South Pacific:  Tonight is the 90-minute season premiere of season 23.  Both Ozzy and Coach are back for round three, and I am hoping that the third time isn’t the charm for either one of them.  Out with the old, in with the new.  I’m sure their personalities add to the show, but I think they had their chance, and now they should just get regular jobs like the rest of us.   The big question is… Read More »