Watch this (week of Oct. 7)

The premieres have slowed to a trickle, but the CW at least has a big week planned. A quick look at what to watch:  SUNDAY After most of the Fox animated shows returned last week, “The Cleveland Show” (7:30 p.m.) is back.  MONDAY The CW begins its big week by [...]

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When your shows will return

September is a busy month on TV. While this is the time of year when attention focuses on all those bright and shiny new shows the networks are hoping you will watch, most of us are more eagerly awaiting the return of old favorites. So when will your favorite show [...]

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Watch this (week of May 13)

Time to say a bunch of goodbyes again this week as a whole slew of shows shutter for the season.  SUNDAY  “Desperate Housewives” (9 p.m., ABC) ends its eight-season run tonight as the women of Wisteria Lane bid farewell for good. In tonight’s episode,  Bree is on trial for murder, [...]

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‘Nikita’ is nothing new

The CW's latest action series has lots of shootouts and kicks to the face, but it's nothing you haven't seen before.

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Watch this (TV for Thurs. 9/16)

Turn off your brain and take comfort that it's always sunny in Philadelphia.

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Watch this (TV for Thurs. 9/9)

Turn off your brain and root against Favre.

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Top 5 new shows of the fall

There are a lot of new series to choose from; here are my picks for the best of the bunch

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First impressions: The CW’s new shows

Get a sneak peek at "Nikita" and "Hellcats."

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