Watch this (week of May 26)

Hopefully, you're out enjoying your Memorial Day weekend, because it's not looking too sunny out there in TV land. Here's a look at what networks are offering up this week: SUNDAY There are a couple of bright spots on Sunday. HBO premieres its high-profile movie “Behind the Candelabra” (9 p.m., [...]

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Solo Dance Tonight

OMG! Must See Dancing with the Stars:  Season Premier tonight on ABC.  Normally, DWS, doesn't make my happy list, but when Hope Solo was announced as a dancer, all that changed.  As you probably already know Solo is the goalie extraordinaire who helped the US women's soccer team advance to [...]

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Colbert Dishes with Diane

OMG! Must See Colbert Report:  Colbert has been on fire lately;  election time most definitely suits his personality.  Tonight, Colbert will undoubtedly have some highlights of Rick Parry (with an A), and he will interview Diane Sawyer.  She has done so much amazing work over the many years of her career.  Tonight [...]

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Tempers Burn Hell’s Kitchen

OMG! Must See Hell's Kitchen:  Calm down, people!  It's just risotto!  To watch these chefs fall apart, cry,  and yell at each other, one would think that lives are on the line.  Besides the bickering, watching the makings of a great chef in a fast paced restaurant can certainly be [...]

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Hell’s Kitchen is Hecka Cool

OMG! Must See Hell's Kitchen:  I love it when Chef Ramsey bellows, "You donkey!"  This is the show where he can be as tough as he wants because it's his restaurant, and he can do what he wants.  Normally, the first episode consists of the cooks trash talking each other and [...]

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Watch this (TV for Wed. 12/15)

Turn off your brain and ask Richard Blais to give you a quick lesson in liquid nitrogen.

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Watch this (TV for Tues. 10/6)

Turn off your brain and tune in.

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