Goodbye Dexter

Much will be written in the next day or so about the Dexter finale; my guess is most of it will be critical.  The thing about finales is they are seldom satisfying; I am going to go easy on the writers though and say that, in my opinion, on a [...]

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My TV Picks September 9 – 15

As I mentioned last week, we are at the slow beginning of the fall TV premiere season; the following are my picks for new shows this week. Sons of Anarchy (FX 10 PM Tuesday) Bikers, drugs, thugs and Charlie Hunnam, what more could we want?  I enjoy this program for [...]

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My TV Picks September 2 – 8

TV Scoop readers it is with great excitement that I declare the fall TV premiere season is upon us; this week and next offer just a smattering of premieres but the following weeks will bring a torrent of new programs and returning favorites.  This month also marks the end of [...]

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Watch This Weekend 8/23 – 8/25

Friday - We Were There: The March On Washington – An Oral History (CNN, 10 PM). If you want to hear about real life drama, sacrifice, courage and commitment, tune in for firsthand accounts of event organizers and participants.  I watched CNN’s recent program on Richard Nixon and found it [...]

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What’s on this summer?

What I’m most looking forward to as the summer season kicks in to high gear:  “Breaking Bad” and “Burn Notice” start their final seasons, “True Blood” returns, and the Stephen King miniseries “Under the Dome” premieres. Also, on USA, fans get to see what happens after The Kiss on both [...]

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Watch this (week of Sept. 30)

Remember when all the good shows were on Sunday? This week is another of those times, with several favorites returning:  “Once Upon a Time,” (8 p.m., ABC); “Revenge,” (9 p.m., ABC); “The Good Wife,” (9 p.m., CBS) and “The Mentalist,” (10 p.m., CBS). Fox is also relaunching most of its [...]

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When your shows will return

September is a busy month on TV. While this is the time of year when attention focuses on all those bright and shiny new shows the networks are hoping you will watch, most of us are more eagerly awaiting the return of old favorites. So when will your favorite show [...]

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SAG award TV nominees

The Screen Actors Guild announced their nominations, including for TV. Among them: Drama ensemble: HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and “Boardwalk Empire,” AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” CBS’ “The Good Wife” and Showtime’s “Dexter." Comedy ensemble: “Modern Family,” “The Office,” “30 Rock,” “The Big Bang Theory” and “Glee.” If I were to pick [...]

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Watch this (TV for Sun. 9/26)

Turn off your brain, arch that eyebrow and . . . . Go!

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Weekly wrapup: ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ ‘Fringe,’ ‘Amazing Race’ and more

Here's a look back at the best and worst of TV in the past week, and a look ahead at what's coming up.

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Watch this (TV for Sunday 9/27)

Turn off your brain and . . . wait, you'll need to use your brain to keep track of all the good shows on tonight.

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‘Dexter’ Season 4 preview

Get a sneak peek at what's up with everyone's favorite serial killer.

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