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Colbert Dishes with Diane

OMG! Must See Colbert Report:  Colbert has been on fire lately;  election time most definitely suits his personality.  Tonight, Colbert will undoubtedly have some highlights of Rick Parry (with an A), and he will interview Diane Sawyer.  She has done so much amazing work over the many years of her career.  Tonight she’ll be pitching her special Jacqueline Kennedy:  In Her Own Words which airs on September 13 on ABC. Hell’s Kitchen:  The remaining chefs continue to compete against each other and… Read More »

Colbert has a Tea Party

OMG! Must See Colbert Report:  Colbert welcomes Amy Krener.  If you don’t know who she is, congratulations!  Krener is the chairman for the Tea Party Express, and I, although tea partiers make me sick, am willing to watch it just to laugh at how Colbert will undoubtedly portray her.  She must know that she’s entering the lion’s den–so, I’ll give her props for that.  Chopped:  Oysters will stump tonight’s competitors.  I’m curious how the chefs will deal with oysters;  I always… Read More »

Survivor has found Redemption

OMG! Must See Survivor:  If you suffered from reward challenge and alliance fatigue in the previous seasons  of Survivor, it’s time to come back.  The show has caught its second wind  and is off and running.  With the addition of Redemption Island, Survivor has become more of a physical and mental battle, not just a game of making and breaking friendships.  The tribe still holds the power to vote out the best, the strongest, or the weakest, but after that, it’s every camper… Read More »