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6 things I’ll miss about “Chuck”

After five seasons, it’s time to say goodbye to the Buy More, as  NBC’s spy comedy “Chuck” comes to a close with a two-hour finale at 8 p.m. Friday. Here are six things I’ll miss most about “Chuck.” 6. Jeffster! As Buy More Nerd Herders, Jeff Barnes (Scott Krinsky) and Lester Patel (Vik Sahay) aren’t exactly Employee of the Month material, even after Jeff stopped accidentally inhaling carbon monoxide on a regular basis. But as members of the cover band… Read More »

Shows to savor

TV and food…two things I love. So naturally, I sometimes think in ways that combine the two. Here’s a sampling of what’s on my TV menu these days. Appetizers: These shows aren’t the main course, but rather something you can watch when you don’t want something too heavy. Maybe you want to pass the time before the kids go to sleep, or while the pasta for dinner is boiling, or between errands while pairing up the socks in the laundry… Read More »