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Favorite Series Returning?

As the TV season winds down our favorite series offer one last hurrah before summer sporting events and cable networks dominate.  The question I often find myself asking is, am I watching a season finale or a series finale.  The disappearance of a favorite television show can really hurt; losing Tales of the Gold Monkey still stings after all these years, and don’t get me started on 2012’s Vegas, for that matter I’m still a little angry about the other… Read More »

My TV Picks September 9 – 15

As I mentioned last week, we are at the slow beginning of the fall TV premiere season; the following are my picks for new shows this week. Sons of Anarchy (FX 10 PM Tuesday) Bikers, drugs, thugs and Charlie Hunnam, what more could we want?  I enjoy this program for the excellent writing, and many talented actors.  Hunnam in particular is a pleasure to watch, I have thought highly of him from Nicholas Nickleby straight through to Raleigh Becket in… Read More »

My TV Picks September 2 – 8

TV Scoop readers it is with great excitement that I declare the fall TV premiere season is upon us; this week and next offer just a smattering of premieres but the following weeks will bring a torrent of new programs and returning favorites.  This month also marks the end of Dexter and Breaking Bad; in all, September is a great time to be a TV viewer. Cold Justice (TNT 10PM Tuesday) From producer Dick Wolf comes this new true crime… Read More »

Watch This Weekend 8/23 – 8/25

Friday – We Were There: The March On Washington – An Oral History (CNN, 10 PM). If you want to hear about real life drama, sacrifice, courage and commitment, tune in for firsthand accounts of event organizers and participants.  I watched CNN’s recent program on Richard Nixon and found it to be informative and entertaining, I have high hopes for this documentary as well. Saturday – Hell on Wheels (AMC, 9 PM).  We are only in the third week of… Read More »

My TV Picks August 19 – 25

Fantomworks, (Discovery, 10PM Monday) Full disclosure, I am a “car guy” and this program is great if you, like me, love cars; the cool thing is if you aren’t much of a car person this show is still pretty good. Fantomworks, unlike many programs of this ilk, is not full of invented drama or pranks or people screaming at each other. What it is full of is some very talented people practicing their craft at the highest level; how can… Read More »

Weekly wrapup: ‘Top Chef,’ ‘Survivor’ and more

Here’s a look back at the best and worst of TV in the past week (Sept. 11-17), and a look ahead at what’s coming up.… Read More »