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‘HIMYM’ Ends After 9-Year Run

How I Met Your Mother  ended Monday after nine years on CBS.  To mark the occasion I thought it would be fun to share my top five favorite HIMYM moments: 1. My brother used to (frequently) deliver a judo chop to the back of my neck that would make me see stars, and yet that was nothing compared to the carryings-on of Marshall Eriksen and his brothers. 2. I love every Slapsgiving episode, but this is my favorite due to the legen-wait-for-it-dary… Read More »

My Picks February 17 – 23

After a somewhat boring Super Bowl XLVIII where the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks destroyed Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos, a trip south for a week at Disneyland, one heck of a bumpy flight home and a battle with the mother-of-all-coughs I am finally back to write about my picks for this week’s TV.  The XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia have been great so far and I’m expecting more of the same this week with one of my favorites,… Read More »

My Picks January 27 – February 2

There’s only one thing on TV in the next seven days that really matters to me, and that’s the Super Bowl.  What’s annoying me a bit right now is I planned a vacation late last year and never thought about the date of the Super Bowl so now I will have to find a sports bar or sit in my hotel watching it on a small TV.  Some of you get what I’m saying, planning a vacation around watching the… Read More »

Watch This Weekend

I remember being nineteen years old, I was attending community college and working, had a decent car, lots of friends and didn’t have too much trouble finding dates; it would have never occurred to me there would be a time in my future that I would look forward to staying in on Friday or Saturday night to watch something on PBS.  My nineteen-year-old self would be appalled!  That being said, there are two programs I am looking forward to watching… Read More »

My Picks January 20 – 26

TV is back in full swing, and I couldn’t be happier; it seems like there are several really great shows this season, and I have yet to find myself digging hard for something to watch.  Of course, this can be a problem because I like to check out obscure programs on cable, or streaming services, and I haven’t had much time for that recently.  My picks this week are all mainstream shows from major networks but each one is entertaining,… Read More »

Sherlock On PBS

Sherlock is back this Sunday on PBS.  If you’ve had the opportunity to see this extremely well made series then my guess is your heart just skipped a beat.  I’m not using hyperbole here, it’s that good! Unlike many UK crime dramas, which tend to be deliberately paced, Sherlock is packed with action and clever plot twists from opening scene until after the credits roll (hint, hint!).  Benedict Cumberbatch plays the titular character with a combination of wit and vulnerability… Read More »

TV Is Back!

I’m still on my holiday break but thought it would be worthwhile to share some important info; many of our favorite network TV programs return this week, check out the schedule below. Thursday Community NBC 8:00 PM & 8:30 PM The Taste ABC 8:00 PM The Big Bang Theory CBS 8:00 PM The Millers CBS 8:30 PM Sean Saves The World NBC 9:00 PM The Crazy Ones CBS 9:00 PM The Michael J. Fox Show NBC 9:30 PM Two and… Read More »

A TV Scoop Christmas

I was in my car yesterday, heading east toward Montgomery Village and listening to some classic Christmas songs on Pandora when “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” came on.  “Yeah, right” I thought; if it’s really that great why do so many people seem unhappy?  Heck, I went all over Santa Rosa today and had at least three people either shake a fist or a finger at me (yes THAT finger).  It could be, as I’ve stated in… Read More »

Throwback Thursday – Christmas Specials

I know it’s not exactly the season for crying and pouting but I’ve been noticing a trend the past couple of decades and I just have to say something; Christmas specials have become weak and uninspired compared to what I grew up with in the seventies.  I’m from a time when terms like Christmas Special, Christmas Show, and Holiday Extravaganza actually meant something; when I saw those words I knew whether it be music, comedy, animation or drama I was… Read More »

My Picks December 2 – 8

After weeks of premieres and so many new shows and exciting TV events things are starting to wind down for the holiday break.  The good news is (well for me) in the coming couple of weeks I will get to write about some of my favorite Christmas specials and episodes.  Here are my pics for this week: Christmas in Rockefeller Center (8:00 PM Wednesday NBC) NBC calls this the official kick-off to the Christmas season, someone should have told the… Read More »

My Picks – Thanksgiving Edition

I’m watching all my usual shows this week (well the ones that are on) and you probably are too, let’s savor the last few new episodes before the holiday break starts; as always there will be lots of football on Thanksgiving.  If you’re looking to watch something that will put you in the holiday spirit, check out one of these programs: The Biggest Loser (8 PM Tuesday NBC) Contestants vie for immunity while giving some holiday cheer to those in… Read More »

Throwback Thursday – Hogan’s Heroes

Number one on the list of my all-time favorite sitcoms is Hogan’s Heroes.  The comedic brilliance of the writing and the superb acting by Werner Klemperer, John Banner, Bob Crane, Richard Dawson and the others is what recommends this series. I’ve watched it all on DVD and can attest to the fact that in six seasons and one hundred sixty-eight episodes the series never grows stale. The prisoners of Stalag 13, led by Col. Hogan (Crane), live the good life;… Read More »