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Favorite Series Returning?

As the TV season winds down our favorite series offer one last hurrah before summer sporting events and cable networks dominate.  The question I often find myself asking is, am I watching a season finale or a series finale.  The disappearance of a favorite television show can really hurt; losing Tales of the Gold Monkey still stings after all these years, and don’t get me started on 2012’s Vegas, for that matter I’m still a little angry about the other… Read More »

My Picks and Fall Finales December 16-22

It’s the week before Christmas and two until the new year starts; as I mentioned last week this means pretty much every network series (and even many on cable) are taking a little winter break.  The good news is new episodes will return as early as January 2, 2014!  As far as my picks for the week, the big one that jumps out at me is another showing of the very funny Saturday Night Live Christmas (9:00 PM NBC Thursday),… Read More »

Fall Finales – December 9-15

It seems like the fall TV schedule just got going and yet we are already at the point where many popular shows are either entering a brief hiatus or ending their seasons altogether. This period is somewhat less bleak for the TV obsessed than those dark days filled with summer reruns, but it is nonetheless an inconvenience; thankfully I did the smart thing and saved Arrow on my DVR so I will have something to watch during this break in… Read More »

Anderson perfect in The Fall

Up first in our foray into the hidden gems of television is The Fall, the new series starring Gillian Anderson that debuted this past May in Ireland and the UK and is available for streaming on Netflix. Anderson, more popularly known for her role as Dana Scully in the X-Files, plays a Detective Superintendent brought in from London to oversee a murder investigation in Belfast after the original investigation is unable to make headway. Now 45 and still able to… Read More »

TV from around the globe

Hello and welcome to a slightly different angle on the TV Scoop. I’m Wallace Poulter and I’ll be your tour guide as we examine some of the hidden television gems that are available with just a little bit of exploring. Gone are the simple days of not so long ago when the networks ruled and cable was something of a wasteland. Today brilliant shows are to be found throughout the dial, even if it isn’t a dial anymore, and the proliferation of broadband… Read More »

Turn On, Tune In, and Learn.

I am terrible at math.  Actually I’m terrible at a lot of things, like driving in Santa Rosa (seems like a blood sport to a small town boy like me) and handwriting (completely illegible) and remembering things I don’t care about, I’m just awful at that.  But math is in a class by itself, on days when I’m particularly tired or distracted or hurried I may even have to resort to using my fingers to add stuff up; I have… Read More »

Car TV Part III – Wheeler Dealers

Car TV Part III – Wheeler Dealers (Velocity 9 PM Wednesdays) This UK based show is in its tenth year and still going strong; Mike Brewer and Edd China are masters of finding, buying, fixing and selling really cool cars.  Unlike Dallas Car Sharks you won’t find late model cars here, the Wheeler Dealer cars are all classics in one form or another.  Early episodes (which are widely available for download) feature mostly lower priced cars, newer episodes take on… Read More »

Car TV Part II – Dallas Car Sharks

Car TV Part II – Dallas Car Sharks (Velocity 8:30 PM Tuesdays) This program follows four car dealers in Dallas; each week they go to an auction, buy a car, fix it up and sell it for a profit.  There’s a bit of drama in the form of friendly rivalries between the dealer principals making the auctions fun to watch. What each one finds once they get the vehicle back to their respective shops is frequently entertaining, occasionally stressful to… Read More »

My TV Picks August 26 – September 1

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Food Network, 9:30 PM Monday) Local legend Guy Fieri travels the country looking for great food at reasonable prices, I am a regular viewer, and I make episodes like this week’s that feature Bay Area restaurants a top priority; if it weren’t for DDD I would have never discovered two of my Sonoma County favorites, Cafe Citti and Willie Bird’s Restaurant. Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family, 8 PM Tuesday) Take the fashion sense of 90210, the… Read More »

Better Viewing Through Technology – TV Forecast

When I was a kid there were three ways to find out what was on TV; the Sunday newspaper, the TV Guide, and my mom. These days I manage to remember the listings after the newspaper has been recycled, I haven’t seen a TV Guide in years (though I do sometimes check tvguide.com), I still get reminders from my mom from time to time but I watch far too much television for her to keep track of everything; thankfully there… Read More »