My (brief) thoughts on the 2013 Video Music Awards

Madonna still wins the award for best opening, and weird as it may have begun, Lady Gaga’s opening performance was pretty freaking awesome. The woman is crazy, but she sells crazy well, and she can back it up with her talent! I dozed three times during Justin…zzz…Justin…zzz…Justin Timberlake’s performance – [...]

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Thoughts on the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards – Sunday 9 PM

This is the third time I’ve mentioned the VMA in a blog post this week.  Why?  Because unlike many awards shows they never seem to disappoint at creating spectacle; there are amazing performances we still talk about years later, groan inducing moments of unabashed ego, and unhinged weirdness we can’t [...]

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Survivor has found Redemption

OMG! Must See Survivor:  If you suffered from reward challenge and alliance fatigue in the previous seasons  of Survivor, it's time to come back.  The show has caught its second wind  and is off and running.  With the addition of Redemption Island, Survivor has become more of a physical and mental battle, [...]

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How Jimmy Fallon won me over

The guy's just so darned likable.

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Facebook tycoon on ‘SNL’

Will the real Mark Zuckerberg please stand up?

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Brian Wilson is a weird dude

The Cap'n appeared on "Lopez Tonight" Thursday

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Local flavor on ‘Lopez Tonight’

Guy Fieri and Brian Wilson on tonight.

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Gervais sets Golden Globes aflame

Want to beat up Ricky Gervais? Better take a number.

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Conan’s new show will be called. . .


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Biggest Emmy surprise: It was good

What's even better than surprise winners? Deserving winners

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More Guy Fieri on NBC

Tony Robbins is out, Santa Rosa's favorite bling-baring chef is back in

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Emmy surprises and snubs

A look at the nominees, and who was left out.

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