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This Weeks Picks Ruined By Catfish!

In the interest of completing my posts in a timely manner I plan my picks several days in advance; this week I did the same.  I intended to write extensively about four really good series; they will just have to wait.  Unfortunately for my plans and intentions, I took my friends’ advice and watched MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show, became obsessed and now I can’t think about anything else. A couple of months ago I was out to dinner with… Read More »

Car TV Part IV – Fast N’ Loud

Car TV Part IV – Fast N’ Loud (Discovery 9 PM Mondays) If I was only writing about Fast N’ Loud I would have titled this post “George Lucas, Richard Rawlings and my inner child”; about a year ago I was at Barnes and Noble, browsing as one does, when I looked to my left and noticed someone I recognized; it was George Lucas shopping for books.  I was so excited that I started to bounce around and became flushed… Read More »

Car TV Part I – Introduction

We live in interesting times for TV; there are many channels, and content producers don’t mind copying each other, so every successful program has at least one copycat.  Nowhere is this “borrowing” of ideas more prevalent than in the sub-genre I call Car TV.  There are several programs about finding, fixing and selling automobiles; as a car guy, I couldn’t be happier!  Each one of these programs has something to offer; whether it is demonstrating technical auto repair skills, describing… Read More »

A Guy’s Guide to Surviving Bravo, Part IV

So far this week we have taken a look at watching Real Housewives of New Jersey, Eat, Drink, Love and Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis.  Today we consider my final recommendation from Bravo, Million Dollar Listing L.A. The personalities on this program are large, and mostly have large egos, but confidence is required to sell real estate in this economy; if you are selling high-end properties this is true tenfold.  The locations are often stunning and something the average person… Read More »

A Guy’s Guide to Surviving Bravo, Part III

If you are joining us halfway through our guide, please take a look at my other posts; the first is a survival guide explaining how to get through a certain show you don’t want to watch but your partner loves, the second is my recommendation for an excellent and inspiring program you will thoroughly enjoy. In this, the third installment, I am recommending yet another excellent program; Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis.  Jeff calls everyone on their stuff; he has… Read More »

A Guy’s Guide to Surviving Bravo, Part II

We got the hard part out of the way in our first installment of this series; watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Now we will begin taking a look at programs guys will like. Eat, Drink, Love is both new to Bravo and rather good. The series follows a group of women in the L.A. area who are working hard at making their way; one is editor of a prestigious food blog, one is in PR, one is a… Read More »

A Guy’s Guide to Surviving Bravo, Part I

Guys, the time has come for us to take a look at Bravo, the favorite network of the women in our lives. This week we will be checking out four programs; three you’re going to like and one, well, probably not so much. I’m like Don Vito Corleone in that I like to get the bad news out of the way, so we are going to tackle the hardest subject first; at some point you are going to have to… Read More »

What’s on this summer?

What I’m most looking forward to as the summer season kicks in to high gear:  “Breaking Bad” and “Burn Notice” start their final seasons, “True Blood” returns, and the Stephen King miniseries “Under the Dome” premieres. Also, on USA, fans get to see what happens after The Kiss on both “Covert Affairs” and “Suits.” There is also the chance to watch the final episodes of several canceled shows as the networks burn off episodes before starting fresh in fall. That… Read More »

Watch this (week of May 26)

Hopefully, you’re out enjoying your Memorial Day weekend, because it’s not looking too sunny out there in TV land. Here’s a look at what networks are offering up this week: SUNDAY There are a couple of bright spots on Sunday. HBO premieres its high-profile movie “Behind the Candelabra” (9 p.m., HBO), which stars Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon as his lover. And fans of “Arrested Development” get what they want in a big way: Netflix releases 15 new… Read More »

Watch this (week of May 19)

SUNDAY Tracy Morgan hosts “The Billboard Music Awards” (8 p.m., ABC), which will feature performances by Prince, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, and others as well as collaborations by will.i.am and Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, and Christina Aguilera, Pitbull and a “surprise guest.” “The Simpsons” (8 p.m., Fox) and “Family Guy” (9 p.m., Fox) wrap up the season with hourlong sendoffs. On “The Simpsons,” Homer and pals try to track down Carl, who took off with… Read More »

Fox, NBC unveil schedules

Here’s a look at what NBC and Fox have planned for next season as upfront week kicks off: NBC The struggling NBC is hoping to lure viewers back in with a slate of new shows. For fall: James Spader-helmed thriller “Blacklist,” “Ironside,” and “Dracula,” and comedies “Welcome to the Family,” “Sean Saves the World” (starring Sean Hayes), “The Michael J. Fox Show” (bet you can guess who stars in that one). For midseason: “About a Boy” (based on the best-selling… Read More »

Watch this (week of May 12)

The must-see event of the week: “The Office” wraps up after nine seasons with a retrospective and supersized episode.  Here are some other highlights for the week: SUNDAY A winner will be picked on “Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs.  Favorites” (8 p.m., CBS). Following is the traditional reunion special, where Jeff spends about a minute interviewing earlier rejects we’ve long since forgotten about, and the rest of the time talking to or about the final three. Emily reconsiders her quest… Read More »