Watch this (week of Feb. 19)

SUNDAY Springfield is finally fed up, and the town banishes Homer and clan as “The Simpsons” marks its 500th episode (8 p.m., Fox). (As one of the longest-running shows ever, it's a wonder the town put up with Homer and Bart this long.) Also Sunday, the 20th (!) season of [...]

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Shows to savor

TV and food...two things I love. So naturally, I sometimes think in ways that combine the two. Here's a sampling of what's on my TV menu these days. Appetizers: These shows aren’t the main course, but rather something you can watch when you don’t want something too heavy. Maybe you [...]

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Watch ‘National Parks’ at your leisure

Ken Burns' series out on DVD already.

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‘The State’ finally on DVD

The late, great MTV sketch comedy series returns.

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Help the economy, buy ‘Freaks and Geeks’

Amazon's selling one of the all-time great series for half off. Get it.

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Catch up with ‘State of Play’

It's too hot outside, so stay in, crank up the AC and pop in a DVD of the outstanding BBC miniseries, "State of Play."

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Catch up with ‘Wonderfalls’

' If you've been watching those last few episodes of "Pushing Daisies" that ABC is burning off (last episode is this Saturday) and have a hankering for more quirky fun along those lines, then check out "Wonderfalls" on DVD. It's another series by "Daisies" creator Bryan Fuller that aired briefly [...]

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Time to revisit ‘Band of Brothers’

With TV in its summer doldrums, I'll be occasionally offering picks on older series to catch up with. Today's pick is a timely one: "Band of Brothers." The 2001 HBO production is arguably the greatest miniseries ever made. And yes, that's counting "Roots" and "Shogun." Adapted from historian Stephen Ambrose's [...]

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Catch up with: ‘Keen Eddie’

Summer's here, at least in terms of the TV season, and most of our favorite shows are gone. So how are you going to fill all that newly available free time? By revisiting old TV series, of course! And by staying inside, closing the blinds and watching more TV, you [...]

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My ‘Breaking Bad’ buzzkill

I just finished blowing through Season 1 of AMC's fantastic "Breaking Bad" yesterday, and was psyched to think that I'd be able to catch up with the current second season before it ends in three weeks. But I was crushed to discover that the entire current season isn't available on [...]

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