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Will Enough People Believe?

The NBC show Believe faces something of an uncertain future with no guarantee that the series will be picked up for a second season. That’s unfortunate because after a slow start there’s some real potential if given the opportunity. Created by Alfonso Cuaron, winner of the Academy Award for Best Director at the start of the year for Gravity, along with Markus Friedman the series is a variation on the classic on-the-run premise that has always been popular in television.… Read More »

NCIS New Orleans has potential

  This week on Throwback Thursday the throwback is just a couple of weeks as we catch up on the NCIS New Orleans backdoor pilot that aired recently in two parts at the end of March and the beginning of April. The show is still available online via Comcast’s Xfinity service and actually the way I prefer to consume the content watching multiple episodes at once. Scott Bakula stars as Special Agent Dwayne Pride who along with Mark Harmon’s Leroy… Read More »

Crisis has much to love, but…

Every now and again you come across a show that you just can’t get a clear and concise handle on. There’s usually a good premise, some quality actors and that nagging feeling that it’s all going to be a colossal waste of time. And yet Crisis, the new drama series Sundays at 10pm on NBC, has so much going for it that I want to not only like this show, but also love it. I have a fairly established pattern… Read More »

Crossing Lines is a hidden gem

Well, that was a pleasant surprise. The old Netflix suggestion algorithm threw up another fascinating show this week with the recommendation of the series Crossing Lines. Down in the depths of Netflix and Hulu, I occasionally miss a series that is shown on broadcast television. Such is the case with Crossing Lines, an English language French-German production that appeared on NBC over the summer. The full 10 episode first season is available for streaming on Netflix. The series, which has… Read More »

True Detective finale is Sunday

By now a fair number of you will have read or heard the hype about HBO’s latest series, True Detective, which concludes this Sunday at 9pm. Here’s the thing you need to know. True Detective isn’t as good as the hype; it’s better.… Read More »

Chris Carter returns to television with The After

It’s been a week since I watched The After, the new Chris Carter pilot for Amazon Prime and I’m still trying to get my head around whether I liked the show or not. Carter, best known for creating The X-Files, has been absent from television since that show went off the air and as such The After was by far the most anticipated show of the 10 new pilots commissioned by Amazon. Set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, eight apparently… Read More »

Bosch is a pleasant surprise

Original shows are now the name of the game for services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and Netflix with the latter about to release the second season of a House of Cards on Friday. However this past Thursday Amazon stole something of a march on their rival when they rolled out their latest group of pilots for streaming to Amazon Prime subscribers. Unlike Netflix, that produces a complete season, Amazon commissions multiple pilots and then selects which shows to… Read More »

House of Cards: Time to watch the original

The second season of the US version of a House of Cards will premiere on Friday when Netflix makes available the 13 episodes for streaming. As good as the first season was, and it was quite excellent, if you haven’t watched the original UK version then I urge you to do so. Broadcast by the BBC in 1990, the first season of the eventual trilogy, split into four 60-minute episodes, is set just after Margaret Thatcher has resigned as the… Read More »

Throwback Thursday A Touch of Frost

Fans of the show A Touch of Frost, which was once on the A&E channel, will be pleased to hear that all 15 seasons are available on Netflix. In 1992 David Jason was known as a comic actor, revered in the UK for first his role as Granville in the Ronnie Barker sitcom Open All Hours and then Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses. The latter won numerous awards and is considered by many to be the greatest British… Read More »

The Body Farm is now available via Hulu streaming

The Body Farm was a six-episode spin-off from the highly successful BBC cold case drama Waking the Dead. Originally shown on the BBC back in 2011, the show is now available on Hulu. Tara Fitzgerald plays forensic pathologist Doctor Eve Lockart, a character that originally appeared in Waking the Dead from 2007-2011. Dr. Lockart and her team work in a remote research facility, the body farm, where they are able to conduct all manner of experiments as to the decomposition… Read More »

The Bridge – Scandinavian original is superb

I am, it has to be said, having difficulty coming up with the words to describe the original Scandinavian version of The Bridge after completing the 10 episodes of Season One available on Hulu and Hulu Plus. Complete and utter brilliance and very, very European is about the best I can do after watching this mesmerizing show. I’d watched the first two episodes a couple of years ago, but for a variety of reasons hadn’t continued. That was a mistake.… Read More »