Sherlock is back this Sunday on PBS.  If you’ve had the opportunity to see this extremely well made series then my guess is your heart just skipped a beat.  I’m not using hyperbole here, it’s that good!

Unlike many UK crime dramas, which tend to be deliberately paced, Sherlock is packed with action and clever plot twists from opening scene until after the credits roll (hint, hint!).  Benedict Cumberbatch plays the titular character with a combination of wit and vulnerability that breathes new life into Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective.  Dr. John Watson is ably played by Martin Freeman of Bilbo Baggins fame.  Together, along with a superb supporting team of actors, writers and directors, they create not simply a series but a jaw-droppingly entertaining TV event.

The series is now in its third season, which means something different in the UK than it does here; each season is only three episodes long, allowing ample time to add Sherlock to your Netflix queue and binge for the next four days to get caught up on all the action and ready to watch the season three premiere at 10 PM Sunday on KQED.

Check out the BBC One trailer above to get a taste of what’s coming, and for more information click on the image below.

– John Morton