Sunday at 11:00 AM Turner Classic Movies will be showing the excellent holiday film The Bishop’s Wife (1947), staring Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven.  The film tells the story of a hard working Episcopal Bishop who allows his single minded pursuit of funds to build an extravagant new cathedral to rule his life, undermining calling, his flock, and his family.  The film is full of people broken to one degree or another by life, by work or by relationships; enter Dudley, an angel who is sent to help fix everything and everyone but not in the way they may have chosen.  The moral to the story is that sometimes the things we need are not what we think or expect.  The superb acting and classic style of the three giants of cinema, Grant, Young and Niven make this film well worth the DVR space.  Check out the trailer or click on the image below to visit the film’s IMDB page for more information.

– John Morton