Do you ever watch a TV program, see an actor and think to yourself, “Where have I seen her before, I think she was in that one movie with the guy with the glasses…” and you keep thinking about it and it makes you crazy?  Then you try Google, but to no avail?  Well, there is an app (and a website) for that, IMDB.

The Internet Movie Database has all kinds of useful information on TV series, movies, actors, and directors, it additionally offers movie trailers, entertainment news and a link for buying movie tickets; simply download the IMDB app from iTunes, Google Play or the Windows Phone Store, install and tap to open and you are ready to search, or open your web browser of choice and visit

The other day I was watching Trophy Wife and couldn’t remember what else Malin Akerman has done, I grabbed my iPhone 5s, tapped the app and searched her name; she’s actually been in a lot of stuff I haven’t seen, but I discovered I remembered her from the 2009 film Watchmen.  In all, IMDB is a convenient and simple to use service that helps TV viewers connect the dots.

Check it out, IMDB, free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, or visit from any web browser.

– John Morton