Much will be written in the next day or so about the Dexter finale; my guess is most of it will be critical.  The thing about finales is they are seldom
satisfying; I am going to go easy on the writers though and say that, in my opinion, on a scale of Sopranos (my least favorite finale) to Battlestar Galactica (my favorite) this one was somewhere in between.  I like that Dexter didn’t die, I like that he showed emotion (maybe he isn’t a psychopath after all, maybe he could have been helped), I like that his son has a small shot at a happy life.  I despise the fact that Deb had to die, her entire life has been a sacrifice so that Dexter could be Dexter, and finally her life was forfeit; sad and needless. I also thought it was strange that Harry didn’t make an appearance (or did I miss it?).  In the end, I will remember the fact that Dexter was a clever concept, brilliantly written, and superbly acted; thank you Michael C. Hall for bringing to life one of my favorite characters of all time.  One big finale down and one to go next week.