We are entering the biggest week in TV premieres for fall 2013; if you’re not using TV Forecast on iOS or TV Show Favs on Android, now is the time to hit print or grab a piece of scratch paper and start copying this list so you don’t miss anything!  If you’ve been reading my Top Five you’ve got a good idea of what I will be watching first, but you can be sure I will see EVERY SINGLE PREMIERE at some point this week thanks to my DVR, HULU, and downloading.


8:00 PM How I Met Your Mother (CBS), The Voice (NBC)

9:00 PM 2 Broke Girls (CBS)

9:30 PM Mom (CBS)

10:00 PM The Blacklist (NBC), Castle (ABC), Hostages (CBS)


8:00 PM Marvel’s Agents of S.I.E.L.D. (ABC), NCIS (CBS)

9:00 PM The Goldbergs (ABC), NCIS Los Angeles (CBS), The Voice (NBC)

9:30 PM Trophy Wife (ABC)

10:00 PM Chicago Fire (NBC), Lucky 7 (ABC), Person of Interest (CBS)


8:00 PM The Middle (ABC), Revolution (NBC)

8:30 PM Back in the Game (ABC)

9:00 PM Criminal Minds (CBS), Law & Order: SVU (NBC), Modern Family (ABC)

10:00 PM CSI (CBS), Nashville (ABC), South Park (Comedy Central)


8:00 PM The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Parks & Recreation (NBC)

8:30 PM The Millers (CBS)

9:00 PM The Crazy Ones (CBS), Glee (FOX), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

9:30 PM The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC), Two and a Half Men (CBS)

10:00 PM Elementary (CBS), Parenthood (NBC)


8:00 PM Dateline (NBC), Masterchef Junior (FOX), Undercover Boss (CBS)

9:00 PM Hawaii 5-0

10:00 PM Bluebloods


10:00 PM 48 Hours (CBS)

11:30 PM Saturday Night Live (NBC)


7:00 PM 60 Minutes (CBS)

8:00 PM The Amazing Race (CBS), Once Upon a Time (ABC), The Simpsons (FOX)

8:30 PM Bob’s Burgers (FOX)

9:00 PM Family Guy (FOX), The Good Wife (CBS), Homeland (SHO), Revenge (ABC)

9:30 PM American Dad! (FOX)

10:00 PM Betrayal (ABC), Eastbound & Down (HBO), Masters of Sex (SHO), The Mentalist (CBS)

10:30 PM Hello Ladies (HBO)

Breaking Bad (AMC 9:00 PM Sunday) The finale is September 29; Walt is in hiding, Hank is dead, the cops have been called (by a very brave Walt Jr.) and finally, hopefully Walt will have to pay for what he has done.  I’m not saying there aren’t some sympathetic aspects to the character, but I think I can safely call someone who poisons a young child, cooks meth on a grand scale, kills anyone who gets in his way, kidnaps his own baby daughter, and gets his brother-in-law killed, evil.  Tune in Sunday to find out how it ends.

The Crazy Ones (CBS 9:00 PM Thursday) I have enjoyed Robin Williams from his guest spot on Happy Days, to the spin-off Mork & Mindy to Moscow on the Hudson and pretty much everything else; in fact as a college freshman I was deeply touched and inspired by The Dead Poets Society, so I will almost certainly hang in there with his new series as long as it runs, unless it is really, really bad.  I do think it rather ironic Robin Williams is in a program named after the Apple commercial he refused to do because he doesn’t do ads.  In Walter Isaacson’s book Jobs he tells the story that Steve Jobs wanted Mr. Williams to do the voice over for the now iconic “Crazy Ones” commercial and Williams refused to do it, or to even take Steve Jobs’ calls. Maybe I’m the only one who is thinking this, but it does seem funny in an odd way, not funny ha-ha, that Mr. Williams is set to cash in on something he previously refused to touch.  Feel free to tell me in the comments I’m out of my mind.

– John Morton