I have been a Family Guy fan from day one, you know, back in the Lacey Chabert days.  The series is now starting its twelfth season and promises to continue the same irreverent, sometimes ghastly, style of humor that is its lifeblood.  There is, however, a mystery brewing as early in the season one of the six Griffin family members will lose their life and be replaced by a new character.  I’m guessing Meg due to the ongoing gag that the family doesn’t love or care about her, and the actress who voices Meg (Mila Kunis) has a lot on her plate and may have told the producers she needs to go.   This is of course pure speculation on my part, but seriously, please Seth (MacFarlane, not Green) don’t let it be little Stewie, he’s hilarious!

Family Guy premieres September 29 at 9 PM on FOX

– John Morton