I’m not choosing this series because I need another cop show to watch, my viewing schedule is well full of those, in fact I may be trimming some as the year goes on.  I’m watching this program because, even in a wheelchair, Blair Underwood is freaking cool!  Seriously, there really aren’t that many actors who play cool as effortlessly as Underwood, in my imagination it is because he is that way, awesomely cool.  I watched the pilot and liked it, the program moved fast enough, gave the right amount of information, had some clever twists, and was well served by the supporting cast; all reasons why you should watch Ironside, I however will be watching it because Blair Underwood is so freaking cool!  My only disappointment is they moved the location from San Francisco, where the original series was set, to New York; I guess they needed more grittiness and thought they could find it elsewhere. As if!

Ironside premieres October 2 at 10 PM on NBC

– John Morton