International criminal conspiracy, terrorism, intrigue, FBI profilers, national security, justice, and James Spader, to use a cliché; they had me at hello.  I looked everywhere for a preview version of the pilot episode and was unable to find one so I was forced to watch and re-watch the previews available through XFINITY On Demand; it looks awesome!  Spader plays an ex-government agent turned bad guy who vanishes and then reappears several years later to turn himself in; the catch is he will only speak to FBI Profiler Elizabeth Keen played by Megan Boone, Keen has no idea why Raymond Reddington (Spader) would choose her. It seems the FBI really wants Reddington and needs his cooperation because they acquiesce to his demand.  As I said, the previews look awesome and action packed, and James Spader is, in my opinion, a brilliant actor and I find no reason to expect anything less from him in this role.  With an excellent supporting cast, I firmly believe this program will survive the cut and become a regular of mine for at least six seasons and maybe a movie.

The Blacklist premieres this Monday at 10 PM on NBC

– John Morton