For a TV fanatic such as myself the summer can be a trying time, often devoid of quality programing it can seem to drag on and on; the reward for my suffering is the fall premiere season with its glorious hours upon hours of new and returning shows.  I am acutely aware there is no way I will be able to watch everything I record on my DVR, subscribe to on HULU, and download; it’s just that I really want to watch it all and cutting something early is nearly impossible.

Each August I take a close look at what is coming up and set my priorities for programs I must see; some are new series I think look really cool, or really entertaining or they feature an actor I like, while others are old favorites that I have sometimes followed for a decade or more.

Over the next several days, as we head into the busiest part of premiere season, I will be sharing some of the programs I can’t wait to see.  I invite you to share what you are looking forward to watching on TV in the comments section below this post or any of my future posts on the subject.

– John Morton