This week will be quite a bit busier as several new and returning programs are premiering; also we finally bid farewell to a popular series.

Monday 9/16

8:00 PM – Bones (Fox), Dancing with the Stars (ABC)

9:00 PM – Sleepy Hollow (Fox)

Tuesday 9/17

8:00 PM – Dads (Fox)

8:30 PM – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)

9:00 PM – The New Girl (Fox)

9:30 PM – The Mindy Project (Fox)

Wednesday 9/18

8:00 PM – Survivor: Blood vs. Water (CBS)

Friday 9/20

8:00 PM – Last Man Standing (ABC)

8:30 PM – The Neighbors (ABC)

9:00 PM – Shark Tank (ABC)

Sleepy Hollow (Fox 9 PM Monday) Fox bills this program as a “thrilling new mystery-adventure drama”; I am intrigued by the trailers I’ve seen, and fully intend to give this modern adaptation of the Washington Irving tale by the team who brought us Fringe a fair chance at earning me as a regular viewer.

Dexter (SHO 9 PM Sunday) One way or another, by next Sunday at 10 PM we will know how it ends; I thought for sure Dexter would be killed by his young protégé Zack, we now know this is not the case.  I actually have no clue as to how this series will finish and will be watching the final episode with fascination; one thing I have learned over eight seasons, no matter what I think would be cool, or entertaining or whatever, the creative staff at Dexter have me beat.

– John Morton