Car TV Part III – Wheeler Dealers (Velocity 9 PM Wednesdays)

This UK based show is in its tenth year and still going strong; Mike Brewer and Edd China are masters of finding, buying, fixing and selling really cool cars.  Unlike Dallas Car Sharks you won’t find late model cars here, the Wheeler Dealer cars are all classics in one form or another.  Early episodes (which are widely available for download) feature mostly lower priced cars, newer episodes take on higher end models, as in a recent restoration of an Aston Martin DB7.

Mike does a great job of demonstrating how to successfully navigate the world of finding and buying used cars, often walking away from projects that will be too much work; if Mike walks away from a car we should walk away from one in similar condition.  When Edd gets the auto the real fun begins; unlike many other programs of this sort that will show some sparks flying here, and a torch lighting there, Wheeler Dealers actually shows some excellent wide angle shots of the work being done.  Often, during the repair process, Mike will spend some time getting old parts refurbished, or sourcing replacements, all good information for the aspiring amateur automobile restorer, and entertaining for the casual observer.

Once all the parts are in place, and the car is back on the road, Mike goes about the advertising and selling.  As in real life he often doesn’t sell as quickly as he would like, or for his asking price; another good lesson for the amateur.  Wheeler Dealers airs on Velocity and has a huge catalog of automobiles they have rescued from the scrap heap, check your listings because they tend to run mini-marathons often, if there is a car you love they have likely worked on it or something similar.

–John Morton