Car TV Part II – Dallas Car Sharks (Velocity 8:30 PM Tuesdays)

This program follows four car dealers in Dallas; each week they go to an auction, buy a car, fix it up and sell it for a profit.  There’s a bit of drama in the form of friendly rivalries between the dealer principals making the auctions fun to watch. What each one finds once they get the vehicle back to their respective shops is frequently entertaining, occasionally stressful to watch and sometimes downright sobering.  The problem solving, repair process, and resale preparation that goes on is well worth seeing.

My favorite part of the program, is watching Martha Davis fix up trucks.  Martha, who has managed to find success as a car dealer in a male dominated industry, knows a diamond in the rough when she sees it; almost every week she takes a gamble on the ugliest looking truck, spends as little money as possible but somehow makes it run and look great, and then turns a profit.  If I lived in Dallas, I would buy one of Martha’s trucks.

Watch this program if you are looking for a used car or if you, like me, have a fantasy of someday restoring your own car but need to start small, either way this program offers some real educational and entertainment value for your time.

–John Morton