We live in interesting times for TV; there are many channels, and content producers don’t mind copying each other, so every successful program has at least one copycat.  Nowhere is this “borrowing” of ideas more prevalent than in the sub-genre I call Car TV.  There are several programs about finding, fixing and selling automobiles; as a car guy, I couldn’t be happier!  Each one of these programs has something to offer; whether it is demonstrating technical auto repair skills, describing how to track down a good deal on a used car, or even opening a window to the world of high-end collecting these programs are fun to watch and informative.

Over the next few days I will share my top three favorite car shows; my number one criteria is accessibility, I like to watch people work on cars I could someday own.  Don’t get me wrong, the 427 Cobra featured on Chasing Classic Cars recently was a stunning beauty, but I will never have the opportunity to own one unless there’s some sort of Omega Man situation and I’m the guy who lives, or maybe a Walking Dead scenario, yeah that seems more plausible.  It is for this reason, accessibility, that I have chosen to exclude some excellent automotive related TV programs that I watch regularly; perhaps in the future I will write about exotics or luxury cars, but for now, accessibility and affordability are the name of the game.

Check back soon for my favorites, and please, feel free to mention your favorite car shows in the comments.

— John Morton