TV Scoop readers it is with great excitement that I declare the fall TV premiere season is upon us; this week and next offer just a smattering of premieres but the following weeks will bring a torrent of new programs and returning favorites.  This month also marks the end of Dexter and Breaking Bad; in all, September is a great time to be a TV viewer.

Cold Justice (TNT 10PM Tuesday) From producer Dick Wolf comes this new true crime series featuring real-life prosecutor Kelly Siegler and real-life CSI Yolanda McClary; I’ve seen the promos and I like what Dick Wolf does (Law & Order in all its incarnations) so I think Cold Justice has a chance at being a really great show; I look forward to watching these two accomplished law enforcement professionals help small towns investigate often heinous unsolved crimes.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FXX 10PM Wednesday) I had a lovely time the other night; my brother and sister-in-law were visiting from out of town and we went out to Willi’s Wine Bar for dinner and drinks.  Sitting there in that pleasant environment we shared stories of family gatherings past, and childhood memories, and talked about what we are doing now; when I mentioned I am blogging about TV for the PD my brother reminded me It’s Always Sunny would be premiering this week and then he chuckled, my brother is a fan.  My sister-in-law, however, is not; she referred to the program as It’s Never Funny In Philadelphia!   Not being one to miss an opportunity to stir up trouble come Christmas I have been on a four-day-and-counting It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia marathon or perhaps it’s a binge, whatever the case, I’m hooked and will be ready to both watch the season nine premiere on Wednesday and make snarky comments when I next see my family in December; it’s really a win-win for me.

Boardwalk Empire (HBO 9PM Sunday) So here’s the thing, I’d like to give you a teaser about this season of Boardwalk Empire, I really would, but I can’t because I refuse to read anything about what may or may not happen, instead I will wait for the superb acting, writing and directing to reveal the story to me week by week.  All I can say is, there will be blood.

And don’t forget, Breaking Bad (AMC 9PM Sunday) and Dexter (SHO 9PM Sunday) are both racing toward series finales later in the month, catch your weekly serving of psychopathic killers while you can!

— John Morton