So far this week we have taken a look at watching Real Housewives of New Jersey, Eat, Drink, Love and Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis.  Today we consider my final recommendation from Bravo, Million Dollar Listing L.A.

The personalities on this program are large, and mostly have large egos, but confidence is required to sell real estate in this economy; if you are selling high-end properties this is true tenfold.  The locations are often stunning and something the average person will likely never see; I’m not much of a voyeur, but there is an element of that to this program, we get to see a little bit about where and how the one percent live.

As to the big egos and flamboyant personalities, it doesn’t become overwhelming in this program; in fact it is good to see that the bravado of the capitalist system is alive and well in America.   There are some dirty tricks, there are some down right mean acts, and the whole process often is not pretty, but that’s business.  I think most guys will enjoy this show, and quite possibly become regular viewers; I do, and I have.

What is it:  Million Dollar Listing L.A. follows Josh Altman, Josh Flagg and Madison Hildebrand as they sell multi-million dollar properties in the highly competitive Los Angeles real estate market.

Survival tip: Of all the programs I have suggested, I think this is the one guys will most enjoy, grab a seat on the sofa next to your partner and have a mini-marathon; watch two or three episodes in a row to really get the feel of the show and become familiar with the personalities, check your listings as Bravo often runs these programs back to back, or simply set your DVR and record away.

— John Morton