If you are joining us halfway through our guide, please take a look at my other posts; the first is a survival guide explaining how to get through a certain show you don’t want to watch but your partner loves, the second is my recommendation for an excellent and inspiring program you will thoroughly enjoy.

In this, the third installment, I am recommending yet another excellent program; Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis.  Jeff calls everyone on their stuff; he has a keen eye for b.s. and he isn’t afraid to confront.  When he does confront it is usually done masterfully, resulting in helping his clients to become unstuck in their thought patterns, and thus giving him the freedom to work his interior design magic.

I was once given the advice, by a friend who was both a therapist and getting a divorce, that the worst mistake one can make is attempting to build a house with his / her partner; though this was an over-exaggeration I do think any major changes (building a home, buying a home, decorating a home) can really stress a relationship.  Jeff Lewis does a superb job managing that stress in his clients and mitigating the effects, the end result is usually spectacular and stylish.  Similar to Eat, Drink, Love the drama on display in this program seems very real and compelling.

Watch this program and talk about it; it’s a good opportunity to find out new things about yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

What is it: This series follows designer Jeff Lewis, his assistant Jenni Pulos, and his housekeeper Zoila Chavez as they improve interiors and lives with style, wit and sometimes brutal honesty.

Survival tip: If you live with your partner, or are planning to, this show may bring up some interesting issues; be prepared for discussion, which is a good thing!

— John Morton