We got the hard part out of the way in our first installment of this series; watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Now we will begin taking a look at programs guys will like.

Eat, Drink, Love is both new to Bravo and rather good. The series follows a group of women in the L.A. area who are working hard at making their way; one is editor of a prestigious food blog, one is in PR, one is a chef, one is a restaurant promoter/manager and one is the co-owner of a bakery. Unlike certain other shows, the names of which I don’t feel I need to mention, the leading personalities of this program seem like genuinely decent and interesting people who are simply trying to grow their careers, personal lives and fortunes.

We all know people who are fireballs, go-getters, high achievers, whatever you want to call them we all know them; like this guy I know who runs a huge non-profit, is a member of his town’s school board, is a dedicated husband and father and still finds time for the occasional round of golf. The best part is even though he’s successful he’s still I nice person. Yeah, I hate him too! Just think for a moment and you will come up with a name; now imagine five personalities like that all in the microcosm of the L.A. food scene. That’s what this program is about. Yes there is drama, but it isn’t that annoying fake drama we have come to expect from reality TV, it is the kind that comes from living in the world and trying to do your best and being a little flawed and stepping on some toes from time to time.

Speaking of drama, I have been impressed that unfriendly gossip has been held to a minimum thus far, and confrontation has been handled with dignity and grace in Eat, Drink, Love; I hope this doesn’t change. I think you will find each of these five women interesting and relatable, and it is quite possible that you, like me, will find this program inspiring.

What is it: Eat, Drink, Love follows the lives of five women, who are all part of L.A.’s culinary scene, as they pursue personal and professional fulfillment.

Survival tip: Just kick back, keep an open mind and let yourself enjoy this one.

— John Morton