Madonna still wins the award for best opening, and weird as it may have begun, Lady Gaga’s opening performance was pretty freaking awesome. The woman is crazy, but she sells crazy well, and she can back it up with her talent!

I dozed three times during Justin…zzz…Justin…zzz…Justin Timberlake’s performance – I bet it was much better live, it had to have been.

Oh Miley Cyrus, how you’ve grown up; it seems like just yesterday you were playing with stuffed animals, just a skinny kid dancing around in her underwear…Oh wait that was yesterday! What just happened?

Anyone else think the start of Drake’s performance was actually kind of cool?

Bruno Mars! This guy is one of my favorite acts – The energy and passion he puts into every performance is both invigorating and exhausting to watch. And the light show thing with the gorilla was cool too.

Anyone else think Will Smith looked like the guy who is ten years too old and he’s still hanging out at the club and he’s a little confused and kind of angered by everything around him? No, OK, maybe it was just me.

I’m not really a Katy Perry fan, I mean she’s OK, it’s just not my kind of music; that being said it was one heck of a great performance to end the show.

So was I right? Were the MTV Video Music Awards worth watching?

— John Morton