This is the third time I’ve mentioned the VMA in a blog post this week.  Why?  Because unlike many awards shows they never seem to disappoint at creating spectacle; there are amazing performances we still talk about years later, groan inducing moments of unabashed ego, and unhinged weirdness we can’t help but gossip about the next day.

My top three favorite VMA moments:

#1     Madonna 1984 – She left it all on stage and set the tone for what a great VMA performance should look like.


#2      Kanye interrupts Taylor in 2009 – How fast can a celebrity go from mega star to punch line?  Five words; “I’mma let you finish but…”

#3     Gaga’s meat dress 2010 – I just adore crazy people, and there are few things crazier than wearing a meat dress.
What are your favorite VMA memories?

— John Morton