Friday We Were There: The March On Washington – An Oral History (CNN, 10 PM). If you want to hear about real life drama, sacrifice, courage and commitment, tune in for firsthand accounts of event organizers and participants.  I watched CNN’s recent program on Richard Nixon and found it to be informative and entertaining, I have high hopes for this documentary as well.

SaturdayHell on Wheels (AMC, 9 PM).  We are only in the third week of season three which sort of reboots this action and drama packed series with some fresh characters and story lines so even new viewers won’t feel lost.  Escape From Polygamy (Lifetime, 10 PM) Entertainment Weekly describes this TV movie as Big Love meets Romeo and Juliet; my roommates who are Big Love obsessed already have a reminder set on the Comcast HD tuner, I’m planning to pop some popcorn and watch this with them.  OK, that was actually a lie, I will be in my bedroom watching Hell on Wheels with my headphones on.

SundayBreaking Bad (AMC, 9 PM), Dexter (SHO, 9 PM), Video Music Awards (MTV, 9 PM); this is brutal, I am not yet sure which one I will watch live and which ones I will DVR.  Breaking Bad is my favorite show on TV and since it is down to the last few episodes big, big things are happening.  Dexter has put me in exactly the same place, down to the wire and I just know something is going to happen and then my mom will call and spill it before I get a chance to watch.  Finally, the Video Music Awards are in their thirtieth year and the show can be insane, I have recorded this program before and missed some cool stuff.  Makes me wish I had a wall of televisions like Elvis so I could see everything at once.


Coming Soon – Next week I will begin a guy’s guide to what’s on Bravo; we will explore what, if anything, guys can watch on their girlfriend’s favorite network without zoning out, getting in a fight, or losing their minds.

— John Morton