“The Grammys” (8 p.m., CBS): LL Cool J hosts, with performances by Fun, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Elton John and others. Almost as important: What will they be wearing? (Apparently, nothing too risqué: The network requested stars not expose too much skin at the ceremony.)

Ah, family reunions. The love. The tears. The fights to the death.  When “The Walking Dead” (9 p.m., AMC) left off, the Governor was forcing  brothers Daryl and Merle to battle each other. (Losing his zombie daughter seems to have upped the governor’s quota of crazy.)  Tonight, we get to see if Daryl survives. (Because, really, is anyone in Merle’s corner?)


While it’s a leap of faith trying any new show, serial-killer drama “The Following” (9 p.m., Fox) is doing well in the ratings and seems likely to stick around for a while. (Of course, last year’s “Alcatraz” also started strong.) On tonight’s “The Following,” we find out more about Hardy and Claire’s past, and about the professor’s creepy followers.


The “State of the Union Address” will be broadcast on all major networks at 6 p.m., which means, since that’s prime-time elsewhere, a lot of shows will be in repeats. If your DVR is empty and you’re looking for new programming, the contestants on “The Taste” (8 p.m., ABC)  are forced to work with some unusual ingredients.


“Survivor” (8 p.m. , CBS)  is back for its 26th season with another Fans vs. Favorites. When the show did the same thing in Micronesia, the favorites cleaned up, with Parvati emerging as the winner. That’s the season the women stuck together, and fan Erik was convinced to give up his immunity only to be voted out. This time, Erik will be playing for the other side as one of the favorites.

Cop drama  “Southland” (10 p.m. , TNT) also returns.


The Anthony Edwards thriller “Zero Hour” (8 p.m., ABC) debuts.  Edwards plays a man whose search for his  missing wife leads him to uncover a centuries-old conspiracy that threatens humanity.

It’s Valentine’s Day, so it makes sense that “Community” (8 p.m., NBC) is airing a holiday-themed episode. Of course, this being “Community,” the holiday in question is Halloween.

Following “Community” is “Parks and Recreation” (8:30 p.m.), with Amy Poehler and one of the best ensemble casts in comedy. Tonight, Leslie and Ben’s fancy fundraiser is disrupted by an emergency drill.

— Heather Chavez