After a long, dry spell where the networks gave the heave-ho to only two new series (“Made in Jersey” was first to go, followed by “Animal Practice”), the networks appear to be making up for lost time. Three new shows were just canceled: CBS buddy comedy “Partners,” supernatural sudser “666 Park Avenue” and … sob…  “Last Resort,” ABC’s drama about a submarine crew taking refuge on an island. My reaction to the news of the first two cancellations: Eh. (I’m sure the shows have their fans, though…just apparently not enough of them.) But, like the crew of the Colorado, I’d held out hope for a more positive future for “Last Resort” despite the odds, especially after a surge in the ratings last week. But then the ratings sank again last night.

“Partners” will be yanked from the schedule immediately, with re-runs of other shows taking its place for now. But “666 Park Avenue” and “Last Resort” will at least get to finish out their 13-episode runs. I’m hopeful there’s still a chance to wrap things up in a way that satisfies fans… Of course, we know what happened the last time I was optimistic about the show.

— Heather Chavez