This was the week “Community” was supposed to return. NBC, however, decided to (once again) put it on the shelf, announcing it won’t return on Oct. 19 as planned. I guess the bright side is “Whitney’s” return was delayed, too.

Without “Community” to look forward to, what IS new? Nothing much. Premieres have tapered off, and now is the time when we start to predict which series will be axed. (Last year, “Whitney” defied my expectations; let’s see if this year, “The Mob Doctor” will do the same.)

Fortunately, although there are few new shows, there are a couple of standouts that I hope will be worth the wait. So….a quick look at what’s new for the week of Oct. 14:


For non-Dish subscribers, the highlight is the return of “The Walking Dead” (9 p.m., AMC). As I mentioned in a posting last week, AMC is offering a live broadcast of the premiere for Dish subscribers on their website. After that, you’ll have to buy episodes on iTunes or Amazon, or wait for the DVD. (Yeah, like true fans are going to be able to wait.)


“Emily Owens M.D.,” a soapy drama about a young doctor premieres 9 p.m. on CW. I loved Mamie Gummer’s recurring guest role on “The Good Wife,” so although I ditched “Grey’s Anatomy” a couple of seasons back, I’m going to give this show a chance.


Another highlight of the week: The debut of “American Horror Story: Asylum” ( 10 p.m., FX). If the first season is any indication, it won’t be a show you want to eat while you snack. Or while the kids are awake. But if you’re not squeamish and enjoy creepy, it’s the perfect antidote to all those light and fluffy comedies.

Speaking of, the ABC comedy “Suburgatory” also returns (9:30 p.m.)