This week, the CW, ABC and CBS announced their fall lineups. A quick looks and what’s coming…and what’s going.


While some other networks are betting on comedies, the CW is sticking with dramas: “The Carrie Diaries” (a “Sex and the City” prequel about Carrie’s early years), which will debut midseason, a “Beauty and the Beast” reboot, comic book drama “Arrow,” and “Emily Owens, M.D.,” about an attractive, young doctor (which will be paired with the returning “Hart of Dixie,” another show about an attractive, young doctor. But it’s different because this one’s brunette.) For midseason, CW also has the drama “Cult.”

“Ringer” and “The Secret Circle” won’t be returning next year. “Gossip Girl” returns for its final season.


ABC will have an all-star cast of “Dancing With the Stars” (Isn’t every season “all-star”?… it’s in the title, after all.) As for new shows, Vanessa Williams will stay on Sunday nights even if “Desperate Housewives” just aired its last episode. Williams will star in “666 Park Avenue,” although this time, she’ll be in New York instead of Fairview, and she’ll be battling supernatural forces. Comedy “The Neighbors,” “Nashville,” with Connie Britton as a country music singer, and drama “Last Resort” about a doomed submarine.

The network canceled “Missing,” “The River” and “GCB.”


CBS will introduce four new shows, including comedy “Partners,” Sherlock Holmes crime drama “Elementary”, “Made in Jersey” and “Vegas,” starring Michael Chiklis as a 1960s-era gangster. For midseason, the network picked up cop drama “Golden Boy,” buddy comedy ”Friend Me” and reality show “The Job” where candidates compete for, you guessed it, their dream jobs.

CBS pulled the plug on “CSI: Miami,” “A Gifted Man,” “NYC 22″, “Rob” (thank goodness) and “Unforgettable.” The fate of “Rules of Engagement” is still up in the air.