Billy Crystal returns for the ninth time as host of “The 84th Academy Awards” (ABC, 5:30 p.m.) This is less a show than an all-night event, so stock up on the snacks now, and prepare to watch “Hugo” and “The Artist” go head to head.


It’s the last of the blind auditions on “The Voice” (NBC, 8 p.m.) Yes, there’s talent this year. (My favorite so far was Lindsey Pavao’s interpretation of “Say Ah!” – see below) But I really watch for the judges, especially Blake Shelton. Who knew he could be so funny? And unlike Simon Cowell, he can recognize talent while also being amiable. And his sparring with Adam Levine provides some of the show’s highlights.


On the last episode of “Revenge” (ABC, 10 p.m.), we finally got to see who was killed on the beach the night of Emily and Daniel’s engagement party, and tonight we get to see the aftermath. Will the Graysons use their considerable influence and wealth to protect their son from possible murder charges? Considering mother Victoria’s track record, I feel sorry for the arresting officers.


On the new series “Awake” (NBC, 10 p.m.), a detective wakes up after a car accident to discover he is living in parallel worlds: In one, his son survived the accident; in the other, his wife did. An intriguing premise, and it looks really well done. I can’t wait.


On the wasteland where networks air repeats and “news” shows like “48 Hours Mystery” and “My Bizarre Affliction: A Special Edition of 20/20,” NBC is currently burning through new episodes of “The Firm” (9 p.m.) But don’t get too attached. It gave up its prime Thursday timeslot for repeats of “Grimm,” which is doing better in the ratings. Guess which one will likely be around next season?