OMG! Must See

The X Factor:  New Simon Cowell show continues tonight with hopefully even more great talent.  Last week, in amongst the worst singers and dancers to ever grace a stage, there were some absolutely amazing singers varying in age from 13 to 50.  This show is worth your time, but do yourself a favor and record it so you can zip through the painful singers and some of the annoying commercials.

Modern Family:  It’s hard to watch this show and not LOL!  Last week’s Dude Ranch was no exception.  Ed O’Neill was especially hilarious while struggling with not only his much younger wife, but his horse as well.  The pending adoption of the baby boy for Cameron and Mitchell is an excellent development in the storyline, and I couldn’t help but think that even traditional couples also worry that they somehow they won’t have what it takes to raise a little girl or boy.  On the short list, Modern Family is one of the best shows on TV.

Survivor South Pacific:  Of course Ozzy found the hidden immunity idol.  Of course Brandon had to tell Coach that he’s from the Hantz clan.  Brandon did nothing except talk about how important it was to guard the secret of his lineage, and what does he do?  He tell’s Coach in the second episode!  Not too bright.  Now, if Coach suspects him for even  a second of turning against the alliance they’ve formed, he’ll think of Russell ,and Brandon will be sent packing.