OMG! Must See

Pan Am:  Season Premiere tonight on ABC.     Take a step back to 1963 and view the shiny veneer of American society.  It’s clean, it’s orderly, the men are men and the woman do as they’re told (mostly).  But keep in mind the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing, so not all of America was “singing in perfect harmony.”  This new seriers that chronicles the dramatic lives of the flight attendants and many of the people with whom they meet has a Mad Men feel to it, without some of the irony that we Mad Men fans like so well.  International travel by jet was a glamerous gig back then, so the stewardesses put up with some less than ideal working conditions, like mandatory weigh- ins.  This show doesn’t appear to lament this fact, but instead takes a more generous view of the time period.  Time will tell, of course, if this show has the wit and charm to reel in the viewers. 

Amazing Race:  Season Premiere tonight CBS.  Racing around the world, the teams make their way to Taiwan for their first challenge.  One unlucky person loses his passport, but will perhaps be able to work it out without having to leave the game.  This is great show, just for the competition aspect, but the scenery is also amazing.  If you haven’t watched a season yet, give it a try tonight, and just see if you don’t find yourself bitten by the “travel bug.”